Go Fund Me Campaign

Help Support Awareness Magazine

Organized by Ray Whitson


Dear Awareness Magazine readers,
My passion in publishing Awareness magazine since January 2016 has been to help us to connect as a statewide spiritual community. The magazine offers professional and visually appealing articles promoting the spiritual practitioners, events, organizations, and businesses throughout Virginia.
Upcoming April 2018 Issue of Awareness Magazine

Upcoming April 2018 Issue of Awareness Magazine

The scheduled December 2017 issue of Awareness did not hit the stands. After publishing the October 2017 issue I found I was facing a third surgery since March for a third medical problem. Although I have had limited  assistance with the logistics of editing, organizing, distributing, advertising, and all associated  administrative work, the two years of publishing this magazine has pretty much been a one-man show… Me. The above mentioned medical issues seem to be The Universe’s way of telling me to “slow down” and get help.
Thus, I made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend publication so I could regain my health. Plans are in place to resume our bimonthly publication with an April 2018 special issue, “Women & Spirituality: Leading the Way.”
I greatly appreciate all the kind words from you, the readers, about the quality and content of the magazine. However, the “one-man- show” no longer works. In addition, the polished presentation of this free magazine is an expensive undertaking and ad revenue had to be supplemented at my personal expense. To get to the next level of success and to expand distribution into new areas of the state, I need your help.
With the April relaunch, I am restructuring by raising working capital to begin building staff, increasing distribution, and retiring some of the extensive debt incurred in the first two years. I’m hoping that the growing readership that has developed will assist and help promote this effort to continue building our statewide spiritual community. If every reader would give just the $5 minimum donation for this GoFundMe campaign, we would exceed the $40,000 amount needed and assure the continued success and improvement of the magazine.
My most sincere and heartfelt thanks for your support! Please help with a donation and please spread the word of this campaign. It takes a community effort to build a statewide  spiritual community.
We’re all in this together.
May you know Peace,
Ray Whitson